It all started with one wall...

The first question I am always asked is, "How did you get started in all of this?" It wasn't intentional, planned, or anything I'd ever dreamed of. For the majority of my life I had been a professional singer, entertainer, and wanna- be comedienne. I'd started to lose interest in singing after almost twenty years, and was considering a career change but had very little education to fall back on. I went to manicuring school while I was singing and when I retired, I had a nice little business to fall back on. I loved my nail clients but hated doing nails. I was not very good at it either. I kept praying God would give me something to be as passionate about as I had once been about singing.

It all started with one wall. I tried faux finishing and adding metallic colors to a wall in our home. My friend saw it and asked if I could do her one wall, and her friend saw it and asked if I could do his one wall. Before I knew it, I had more business than I knew what to do with. I gave myself a year to see how it would go before actually quitting my nail business and diving full speed into the faux finishing business. Before I knew it, I needed help, a work vehicle, and a place to run by business. I probably made a living with that original recipe for the next five years. Just changing the colors up but not the technique. 

As time progressed I became obsessed with kitchen cabinets. I hated mine and how stark they looked. I wanted to add depth and character and I wanted them to fit into the rest of my aesthetic. I also noticed how my clients had the same problem. They worked so hard on their homes, but were held hostage by their dated, kitchen cabinets. I poured my life into learning how to make kitchens the most incredible room in the house. I started adding mill work and moldings, trim, legs, and corbels. I played with layering paint, different products, techniques, all custom to the clients desires or vibe. I added stenciling, raised designs and patterns. I made custom paint colors, sealers, glazes, stains. I dreamed about painting and the painting business. I have been doing this now for almost twenty years and have added to my repertoire full kitchen remodeling customized fit to each client. We select their counter tops, flooring, back splash, lighting, and furniture for our clients. We will take down walls and open up space where there was none. Myself and my talented team offer our clients such a personal, heartfelt passion in everything we do. I love what I do, I love my team. We love our clients and they have become our treasured friends. I love the transformation process, after all I am walking, living proof of transformation, but that's another story. 

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